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olympic hopeful, Katie Wang

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My name is Kate Wang. I have been figure skating since age 4, and I’m still doing it to this day. I currently have medaled in Regionals and Sectionals, and in fact, I’m going to Nationals at the start of winter break to compete with all of the other girls in my event across the nation.

I am currently in 7th grade. Because of time issues, I have to practice everyday before school from 6:30 am to 8:15 am. Of course, I have to wake up early, but I’ve learned to adapt to that.

I do hope to skate beyond middle school. My current goal is to make it to Worlds or represent the USA during international competitions. Another goal is to land some quads while I still can, because now I can only do triples.

See Katie Skaing here

Katie can really skate. Join me on wishing Katie great success following her dream. We are super proud of you Katie. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.



Aptos Middle School Athletics


Students will be released from Aptos Middle School at the following times for GIRLS SOCCER  Games.

11/15/2017     2:00 pm     11/17/2017     2:20 pm     12/1/2017     2:20 pm 

12/6/2017       2:00 pm     12/8/2017       2:20 pm     12/13/2017    2:20 pm

12/15/2017     2:00 pm     

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  • Boys: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Track
  • Girls: Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track

No physical means no tryout:  All athletes must have the SFUSD Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form competed prior to tryouts. 

This form is available from the office or click here for the SFUSD Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form

Additionally the following forms are required in order to participate:

1. Parental Consent
    Parent Consent (Chinese)
    Parent Consent (Spanish)
2. Anti-Steroid Agreement
    Anti-Steroid Agreement (Chinese)
    Anti-Steroid Agreement (Spanish)
3. Concussion Information Sheet
    Concussion Information Sheet (Chinese)
    Concussion Information Sheet (Spanish)
4. Sudden Cardiac Information Sheet
    Sudden Cardiac Information Sheet (Spanish)

Aptos MS Sports Team Coach Tryouts
Girls Softball  Mr. Haas and Mr. Reza  
Boys Baseball Tony Sylvestri  
Boys Soccer David Abrego  
Girls Soccer Ms. Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho
Girls Volleyball Mrs. Camacho and Ms. Hanlon
Girls Basketball Mr. Haas  
Boys Basketball Tony Sylvestri  
Girls Track Mr. Sylvestri, Ms Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho
Boys Track Mr. Sylvestri, Ms Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho

See Aptos Event Calendar on School Loop for game schedules