...Things to know.,.
****Weigh-ins start FEB 26th
(See white boards outside locker rooms for more details)


DATE             DAY OF WEEK              LOCATION                 RELEASE TIITTE
3/16                    FRI                              LINCOLN                               2:15
3/22                    THUR                         LOWELL                                 2:30
4/6                       FRI                             BURTON                                 2:15
4/13                     FRI                             KEZAR                                     2:00
4/19                     THUR                        KEZAR                                     2:00
4/30-5/2      MON-TUE.WED             KEZAR                                     TBA
5/4                        FRI  FINALS             KEZAR                                     TBA


Track Meets:
-spikes (track shoesJ are provided and are first come first serve.
-can bring your own, just make sure the spikes are size 3/16th .
-All meets start at 3:30 except All city and Finals start at 3:00, you can
leave as soon as you are done with your specific event or stay till the
-Jerseys are provided, if lost you are responsible to pay for a new one,
-Everyone will be walked down to the muni by a security guard who will
make sure all participants get on muni. Students are to stay together the
whole time.
-lf you do not wish for your child to take muni you can give them a ride
to the meet.
-one day a week with your weight class and one day with everyone,
specific days TBA.
-lf you cannot make practice let a coach know, Hanlon-Camacho-
Sylvestri, it is okay; you can even go to another weight class's practice.

Aptos MS Sports Team Coach Tryouts
Girls Softball  Mr. Haas and Mr. Reza  
Boys Baseball Tony Sylvestri  
Boys Soccer David Abrego  
Girls Soccer Ms. Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho
Girls Volleyball Mrs. Camacho and Ms. Hanlon
Girls Basketball Mr. Haas  
Boys Basketball Tony Sylvestri  
Girls Track Mr. Sylvestri, Ms Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho
Boys Track Mr. Sylvestri, Ms Hanlon and Mrs. Camacho

See Aptos Event Calendar on School Loop for game schedules